Turnkey business


Based on the development and production of equipment, relying on many years of experience, we concluded that we need to develop and create technologies that can significantly increase our equipment's efficiency and help obtain attractive financial results.


Exclusive contract and price positioning of the market

The exclusive contract we sign with each installer regulates our relationship and guarantees compliance with pricing and territorial policies, allowing us to work with the installer to obtain comfortable conditions for joint development.


Training and technological support 24/7

The purpose of the cooperation is the impeccable quality of work and technical knowledge. These conditions allow providing development of our installers. Therefore, we provide continuous technical support and a continuous process of training installers.


Joint marketing strategy

Marketing is a necessary condition for the development of any modern organization in the world market. That is why we create all the essential marketing tools and, if necessary, provide assistance in the development and promotion of our installers in the market.


High profitability

Innovation and science-intensive technologies allow our installers to provide attractive conditions for development. And the presence of levers of influence stipulated in the exclusive contract provides transparent conditions for the growth of the market of thermoplastic coatings TM POLYMERFLAME.


Continuous improvement and development

The synergy or total effect that arises from the interaction of our desire for continuous improvement and development, exchange of experience, and success of our installers - significantly outweighs the impact of each component in the form of their simple sum.