History of development

The history of the development of gas-flame application (GFA) technology of thermoplastic polymers dates back to the mid-80s of the last century.

And it begins with finding a solution and creating products that meet the requirements for anti-corrosion protection of metals and concrete. That is how modified thermoplastic powders appeared.

An ever-increasing control over environmental protection and environmental safety requirements has been a powerful catalyst and impetus for development, as thermoplastic polymers are a highly environmentally friendly product.

The pioneers in the field of mobile systems and equipment for the application of modified thermoplastic polymers and their hybrids were engineers from the American company XIOM, who in the early 2000s presented their first systems using the combustion reaction of oxygen-propane-air.

In 2008, Belmar LLC began developing and starting production of its own equipment for ICC application. After 13 years of development, improvement, and search for optimal solutions, we are proud to present the 6th generation of equipment, considering the various requirements and features of different applications.

One of the main factors of development and success is the creation and availability of its own product line - TM POLYMERFLAME, as GFA technology is primarily a symbiosis of application equipment and materials that are applied.

This approach allows our customers and us to ensure the guaranteed quality of the tasks and create coverage with unsurpassed characteristics.