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revolutionary seamless technology for swimming pool cladding

📆 17 July 2024🕜 12:00 (GMT+2)📍 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

🔥🔫 Live flame spray proccess 🔥🔨 Real-time coatings tests🔥🛒 Equipment and Materials presentation
🏃👀 Come and experience our technology firsthand!

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🔥POLYMER FLAME is a groundbreaking innovation that has the potential to transform the swimming pool industry💦
This technology enables the application of seamless protective coatings on a wide range of materials, including

🗼stainless or carbon steel etc.

These coatings are designed to be

🍃ecologically safe
🪖resistant to environmental factors such as UV light 🌞
🧫biological and 🧪chemical activity, and salt fog ☔

🌟As a leader in the field, we are excited to share with you the exceptional features and benefits of POLYMER FLAME
This presentation will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how this technology can enhance the performance, lifespan, and aesthetics of your projects 🎯
🏃By attending this exclusive event, you will have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge capabilities of this technology and discover how it can contribute to the success of your business 📈 
We believe that POLYMER FLAME has the potential to revolutionize the way you approach swimming pool cladding solutions💡